Compiling IT++ with Visual Studio Express 2010


Download and unzip IT++ version 4.2.0

Building the IT++ libraries:

In the IT++ installation directory (which should be \itpp-4.2) create the lib subdirectory.

Copy the following files into this subdirectory:




Copy the following files into the \windows\system32 subdirectory for a 32 bits system or into \windows\SysWOW64 for a 64 bits system:




Double-click on itpp_mkl.sln located in c:\itpp-4.2\win32. This will start Visual Studio 2010 Express and launch the conversion wizard. Click on Finish and close the Conversion Complete window.

By default, the project is in Debug mode which means that the generated library will contain debugging symbols. These symbols will allow the debugger to give helpful information during a debugging session.

Before launching the build process, modify the following project properties (Project/Properties menu):





Open and edit the header file config_msvc.h. Replace the 3 lines containing:

#if defined(HAVE_ACML) || defined(HAVE_MKL)


#if defined(HAVE_ACML) || defined(HAVE_MKL) || defined(HAVE_FFTW3)

Save your changes and copy this file into \itpp-4.2\itpp. Edit the file \itpp-4.2\itpp\signal\transforms.cpp and modify line 48:

# include <itpp/fftw3.h>

Don't forget to save your changes !

You can now launch the build process (Debug/Build Solution menu or press F7) of the Debug library. Everything should work fine and you will find a 65Mb file called itpp_debug2010.lib in the lib subdirectory.

Perform the same steps for the release version of the library:

You can now launch the build process(Debug/Build Solution menu or press F7 key) of the Release version of the library. Everything should work fine and you will find a 23Mb file called itpp_rel2010.lib in the lib subdirectory. As you will see in the next chapter, this library contains much faster code than the Debug one.